Welcome to UTS for IndigiHack

Welcome to UTS


What is UTS and what is our role in IndigiHack

UTS is proud to host the Youth and Language Indigi Hack August 7-9 in Sydney run by IndigiLab. We are providing support for the Hackathon as we hope that students will experience some of the excitement of learning on campus and the sort of things they can make with the support of a university and their staff.

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What places do you like around the campus?_________________________________________


What did you notice that was helpful as a student?______________________________________


While you are here we can give you access to the University WiFI system

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Safety Issues

The following are issues you should be aware of when visiting a new place Specific details for UTS are provided

  • Travel to and from UTS

All students saying at NCIE will be accompanied to UTS in the morning and back to NCIE in afternoon. Other students making your own way to UTS, you are responsible to your team to arrive in time, and travel safely to ensure you can participate

  • Walking between activities each day 

When we have to move to another venue we will provide supervision so you don't get lost, UTS is large.

  • Accidents or illness around the university

There is a first aid officer/security officer in Building 5 at the security desk near the door

  • Approached by people you don’t know

As for normal situations do not talk to other people at UTS unless you are introduced to them and contact your mentor if you are worried

  • Theft or damage 

Keep your belongings close to you as the university has public access 

  • Emergency exits 

Be aware of the emergency exists, we will explain these in each room we use, and to not block exits

For map of UTS with exits see https://wayfinding.uts.edu.au/

For first aid we have in CB05:

And in CB11 – Cat to select from list



Yalanji Five Lores

Luke Briscoe to present


The Sustainable Development Goals provide a good guide for you to focus on in your project, but first there is an overall sustainability goal in any project you will do, the sustainability of Aboriginal Languages in the present day, and how to compete against the use of english etc on social media, web sites and phones which is drowning out our languages. Language is culture and the sharing of language is the only way to keep that culture alive and well. 

The inaugural Indigi Hack is a way for more people to contribute to the new ways for culture to grow and flourish. This will succeed only if we grow the number of people who take up this challenge.

What aspect of culture would you like to see shared and practiced by all Australians (eg languages spoken, dancing, music): 






How would you like to share this now? Through a web site/with friends/on Facebook? ___________