Stolen Generations Working Partnership (SGWP)

Through the Stolen Generations’ Working Partnership, the Australian Government is inviting a partnership with Stolen Generations and their supporters to address the immediate and practical needs of the Stolen Generations. The majority of Stolen Generations are now over 45 years of age. Many are Elders or leaders in their family or community. Ongoing support is needed to deal with the daily experience of various types of trauma, loss and grief, and to help whole families and future generations to stop the cycle of trauma from continuing.

The policy landscape has changed significantly since the release of the Bringing them home report in 1997, especially since the change in national government in 2007.

Taking into account the range of reforms and investments underway, this Working Partnership provides a platform for Government, service providers and the Stolen Generations to work together. We will work to respond to the priority issues identified in this document, drawing on existing programs and resources. As part of this work, it will be important to look carefully at the recommendations in the Bringing them home report.

Through this Working Partnership the Australian Government reaffirms its commitment to the Stolen Generations, recognising both their desire to articulate and lead their own pathways and solutions, and the need for broader understanding within the Australian community.

In addition to Stolen Generations’ advocates and organisations, government agencies, service providers, peak bodies, churches, businesses, community groups and individuals are encouraged to participate and contribute.

National Sorry Day Committee (NSDC) and National Stolen Generations Alliance (NSGA) are the two national peak community partners in the Stolen Generations Working Partnership.

The Stolen Generations Working Partnership was established by the Australian Government in May 2010 to address the immediate and practical needs of the Stolen Generations. Made up of Australian Government agencies and the two national Stolen Generations organisations, it provides a platform for the Government and the Stolen Generations to work together to respond to priority issues.

Stolen Generations’ key stakeholders include nationally-based and regionally and locally-based Stolen Generations’ organisations, and Link-Up Services. This document was developed in consultation with the two national Stolen Generations’ bodies. Throughout implementation we will continue to work with them, and inclusively and openly with a range of Stolen Generation organisations. The Australian Government acknowledges the importance of ongoing advocacy by Stolen Generations to address all of the issues that concern them.

We have checked the previous initiative/program website and this is no longer available.

The Stolen Generations’ Working Partnership (PDF)  is still available for now.

We have reviewed the Prime Ministers and Cabinet (PM&C) website as all but a few programs have moved to PM&C and we could not find any mention of this initiative/program.

Therefore current status of the program could not be established.

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