Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation

Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation (Australian Adoptee's Site)

Judith Bancroft emigrated from the UK over 20 years ago, is an adoptee and a mother of 2 teenage sons.    For the last 4 years Judith has been Coordinator of a Mental Health Program for the Perth Division of General Practice whose cornerstone was the provision of a free clinical psychology service for financially disadvantaged patients of GPs in the Division.

Judith left her job at the end of June to return to University to complete a Master of Counselling degree.    She has a BA in Social Sciences after studying Psychology, Mental Health Promotion and Medical Sociology.    

Her brief talk today will centre itself around the ethical debate that is, in her view, largely NOT happening about the future mental health of those children ‘created’ by the new reproductive technologies.


  • What should we be learning from Adoption Research?
  • Are there implications for the mental health of Children of the new reproductive technologies?

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