Link-Up NSW

The first LinkUp was set up in NSW, by Oomera Edwards and Peter Read. It was through their efforts and articles that the devastating effect of this Government policy was acknowledged and understood both by the Aboriginal people directly affected, and the non-Aboriginal people who did not agree with such attitudes.

Kinchela Boys’ Home Aboriginal Corporation

Kinchela Boys’ Home Aboriginal Corporation (KBHAC) aims to assist Kinchela men, their families and communities recover their identity, dignity and well-being. This includes full-as-possible reconnections of members to families, communities, culture and land.

KBHAC recognizes the legacy of, not only, members’ experiences of removal, but also the physical, sexual, emotional and cultural abuse arising from members’ experiences in Kinchela Boys Home.

Cootamundra Girls Home

Cootamundra Girls Home: Cootamundra Home began as the Cootamundra hospital, in operation from 1897 to 1910, and reopened in 1911 as the Cootamundra Domestic Training Home for Aboriginal Girls. This was the place where Aboriginal girls were placed after forcible removal from their parents under the Aborigines Protection Act of 1909.

Aboriginal Child, Family & Community Care State Secretariat (NSW) inc - AbSec

The Aboriginal Child, Family & Community Care State Secretariat (NSW) inc - AbSec is an incorporated not-for-profit community organisation. The organisation is primarily funded by NSW Family and Community Services, and is recognised as the peak NSW Aboriginal body providing child protection and out-of-home care (OOHC) policy advice to the government and non-government sector on issues affecting Aboriginal families involved in child protection and OOHC system.

Origins Australia (Forced Adoption Support Network)

Origins SPSA Incorporated Australia: Supporting People Separated by Adoption

The Precedent Organisation founded on exposing the truth of adoption fraud and its subsequent mental health damage.

Origins has fought for nearly two decades for the rights of those that have been affected by unlawful, forced and harmful adoption practices.

Origins members have succeeded in obtaining two State Parliamentary Inquiries in NSW (1998) and Tasmania (1999).

Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation

Mental Health Aspects of Persons Affected by Family Separation (Australian Adoptee's Site)

Judith Bancroft emigrated from the UK over 20 years ago, is an adoptee and a mother of 2 teenage sons.    For the last 4 years Judith has been Coordinator of a Mental Health Program for the Perth Division of General Practice whose cornerstone was the provision of a free clinical psychology service for financially disadvantaged patients of GPs in the Division.


There are law firms around Australia that are doing significant work for members and descendants of the Stolen Generations. The following is an example in NSW.

Maithri Panagoda a Partner at Carroll & O'Dea wrote a very good article for the Precedent, the magazine of the Australian Lawyers Alliance

This article is about the much legal work has been done to try to achieve compensation for the Stolen Generations.