Makin' Tracks: Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc

Makin' Tracks: Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc

Project Description: Makin Tracks is a mobile team of two Professional Educators around drug and alcohol issues, who are available to help communities develop strategies to prevent petrol sniffing, alcohol and other drug misuse and to help communities who are already having problems because of substance misuse.

They are mobile because its often difficult for remote communities to travel to receive the appropriate training that is required to combat these issues, that is why we go to the communities and provide the training in a setting where community members feel most comfortable. The team has 2 Nissan Patrols and can set up education sessions anywhere.

How the team works when invited into a community, the team will talk with elders, Council, workers and/or the whole community and let them know what we have to offer and how we work. Then if the community decides to go ahead, they will sit down with that community and develop a strategy to tackle the substance issues of concern to that community. The team will then help to put the strategy into action. This will explain the types of things the team will be able to do, the things they are not able to do and how they will work with your community on the goals you set. We work with communities, not for them.

What the team will do

  • Contribute to the pool of knowledge and resources available to Aboriginal Communities in regards too drug and alcohol issues.
  • Build community drug and alcohol workers capacity to facilitate drug and alcohol awareness. Which will enhance the skills in achieving healthy outcomes for their local community.
  • Established support mechanisms to external services.
  • The Makin Tracks project officers act as a vital link to ensure that drugs and alcohol issues are addressed in a culturally appropriate setting.
  • Support Drug and alcohol workers, so that community receives a better understanding and support mechanisms for the overall wellbeing of their health.
  • Give the community education, skills and the opportunity to Asses where drugs and alcohol issues are at the present and the power to change.
  • Support in rebuilding Aboriginal Men self esteem and confidence through men groups and camps (cultural awareness, drug and alcohol and harm minimization issues)
  • Run community workshops to inform a community about a particular substance issue.
  • Run community development work shops to help develop a strategy
  • Help get that strategy up and running
  • Help with funding applications and finding resources
  • Come back from time to time to help with new programs
  • Provide training and support for workers
  • Helping communities combat drug and alcohol problems through education, training and support.

What the team won't do

  • Provide funding we can help you apply for funding from other sources
  • We dont do things for you we work with you
  • Get involved in community politics
  • Spend months in your community we have a huge area to cover so we can only spend a few weeks at most but remember, We can come back regularly.

We come to you a mobile team project. Find out more, The team will be happy to provide an information session on request, with no obligation or cost. Project Status Current A National Illicit Drugs Strategy (NIDS). Project funded by the Australian Government. Project Contacts Jimmy Perry and Byron Wright Project Officers Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc.


  • 155 Holbrooks Road Underdale 5032 SA
  • Telephone +61 8 8351 9031
  • Facsimile +61 8 8352 4546
  • Email:

(Sourced: The Aboriginal Drug and Alcohol Council (SA) Inc)