Indigenous Hip Hop (IHH) Projects (WA)

Indigenous Hip Hop (IHH) Projects (WA)

Young people are mentored over a week to produce a song and video clip for presentation to their community, and for subsequent use and distribution in health promotion.

On day 1, using rap as the key form of engagement, young people are mentored in writing their own songs addressing key issues related to smoking in their community and incorporating the local culture and heritage.

On day 2, participants will be given vocal coaching and the song will be professionally recorded.

On the third day, participants will be taken through the creative process of scripting a video clip, selecting suitable locations and filming a bush trip.

Day 4 will involve filming remaining parts of the video clip and on the fifth day the video will be edited and cut to a final version for distribution.

Confidence, performance skills and vocabulary is enhanced through a range of team building games and exercises.

The end product is a locally designed and driven health promotion music and dance video.The advantages of the music video project is that a group of young people receive sustained and intensive leadership development and health education, which creates a group to positively influence other young people in the community.

Indigenous hip hop projects is a team of artists with talents in all elements of hip hop, media, entertainment, and performing arts who formed in 2004 to work with Aboriginal communities, particularly youths, around Australia. Among the many programs offered, the team facilitates workshops where traditional Indigenous culture and hip hop are combined and taught, with the aim of promoting self-expression, positive social behaviours, healthy outcomes, and strengthening community.

The group has partnered with beyondblue to raise awareness of social and emotional wellbeing among young Indigenous people in regional, rural, and remote Australia. Through workshops and a website, the group seeks to minimise risk factors and maximise protective factors associated with depression and anxiety by connecting youths with their communities, decreasing shame, and enhancing self-esteem. The group actively promotes the Youthbeyondblue message of 'look (for signs of depression), listen (to your friends' experiences), talk (about what's going on), and seek help together'.

The Indigenous hip hop projects has been evaluated in several sites in the Kimberley and Pilbara regions of Western Australia. Findings from this evaluation revealed the health promotion messages are well received by the young people. Females and young people with special needs, as well as young people attending school, expressed a high level of satisfaction with the hip hop workshops. The workshops also had a particularly positive impact on the following two areas: talking with friends or family about what's going on, and seeking help.

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