ALTC BetterHealth Project

Health Stories from WA were collected by the ALTC Better Health Project. Edith Cowan University hosts the site with about 40 stories of Indigenous experience with Health service in WA and a set of four filmed scenarios which reflect common threads from the stories. They also include reflective questions from their Indigenous Reference Group to assist people using these in teaching or learning.

The project was developed with two primary aims:
  • to positively influence the health and wellbeing of Australian Indigenous people by improving the education of health professionals; and
  • to engage students with authentic stories of Indigenous people's experience of healthcare, both positive and negative, which enhance the development of deep and lasting empathy.

Creating cultural empathy and challenging attitudes through Indigenous narratives

Led by Edith Cowan University, this project includes The Combined Universities Centre for Rural Health, Curtin University of Technology, The University of Notre Dame, The University of Western Australia and Health Consumers’ Council (WA).


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