Health stories collected for WA Health Testimonials

The Health portal is important in connecting you with Resources and organisations at a International, National, State and Regional level.

There are extremely serious health issues that impact on Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people, families and communities.

These issues result in Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people being repeatedly in the wrong end of the social determinate statistics.

Health is symbiotic with Housing, Employment, Education and Law.

Issues like Diabetes, Chronic Care, Cardiovascular Disease (CVD), Otitis Media, Substance Abuse, Smoking, Mental Health and Healthy Food are just some issues that doctors will encounter.

Then you have some issues that are more localised, an example is Machado-Joseph disease (MJD) in the top end.

It is important to understand that Health through Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander eyes and teachings is more than Physical health and Mental health.

The other health issues are Community health, Country health, Spiritual health and Cultural health which are some of issues we prompt on the “Health” Message Stick, to start consideration and conversation.