Connecting with Community

Artwork by Dr Mick Adams and Nyirripi Grandmothers' Women's Health Program

Connecting with Community is an important foundation module.

If you fail to gain or lose the trust and respect of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait islander people, families and community that you serve and where you are located; then there is a high probability that people will avoid you and possibly the medical organisation.

This in turn will have an effect on the delivery of services and subsequently the overall health of the community or communities you are serving.

Communities are complex and it is about building bridges to serve your community the best you can.

As a Doctor you have a leadership position in community and it is important you work to better your community across all sectors, Law, Education, Housing, Law and Health, which are all symbiotic.

Remember “Do No Harm” the bioethics of the phrase “primum non nocere," a fundamental medical precept of Hippocrates (ca. 460-ca. 377 B.C).