Network SA Resource, Advisory and Management Services Inc.

Network SA Resource, Advisory and Management Services Inc. is a non-profit community organisation which supports South Australian children’s services.

We work with the Directors, management committees and owners of child care and Out of School Hours Care (OSHC) services, advising on management, governance and cultural competence. A more holistic service is provided to Aboriginal children’s services through our Aboriginal Resource and Management Support Unit (ARMSU).

Yalata Anangu (South Australia)

Yalata Anangu (South Australia)

The Yalata people regard themselves as the southern Anangu and speak a southern dialect of Pitjantjatjara as their first language. The population of Yalata varies constantly, as Anangu travel regularly from community to community. The core population would number approximately 250 people and they maintain an active cultural life. Aboriginal law is practiced by many sections of the community but the spiritual beliefs and ritual enactments of Anangu are never static.